The 401 Building will be Nelnet's base of operations as well as the one of the cornerstones for the city's Telegraph Distrcit Project which will add 14 new buildings along with 9 other renovations.

Kinetic Art Wall Panels

Kinetic Art Wall Panels

TITLE: 401 Building
DATE: 2017
Building: 401 S 21st; Lincoln, NE
Kinetic Art Wall: Speedway Properties commissioned TMCO to design and build a custom Kinetic Sign.  The sign appears to wave when wind is present.  There are over 2000 individual Stainless Steel panels with over 4000 custom tamper proof stainless fasteners.  Each panel was laser cut, clear powder coat and many of the panels were UV printed to complete the Telegraph District’s graphic logo and then clear coated again.

Design was a collaborative effort with Speedway Properties, TMCO, and DLR Architects.

Manufacturing of the system was handled by TMCO.

Aluminum Sun Shades: The Aluminum Sun Shades are unique internally lit panels that have full color spectrum LED light that perform as a sun shade in the day, and an architectural highlight at night.  There are 40 panels at each feature 19,348 holes per panel.  These are all designed to create a fluid architectural design that enhances the character and unique design of the building.  The total hole count for the 40 panels is 773,950 individual holes on the 40 sun shades. 

We also designed the patio panels, electrical and generator enclosures with the same design and panels.  Pushing this total hole count close to a 1 million holes for the project. 

TMCO worked with Speedway Properties to design and build this unique system.

Photo Credit: Rebecca Wright



Video Credit: Rebecca Wright